1. bless her heart….she sure does try.

  2. “Wanna see my Billboard Music Award?”

  3. anonymous

    Next time I am at Disneyland, I’m going to kick Mickey in the nuts for unleashing this shit on the world.

    Between her and Rihanna there isn’t a prepubescent child in the world who hasn’t seen tits or ass on Yahoo! News’ Homepage.

    • As opposed to the good ol’ days when our diet of plentiful tits and ass came from sneaking a peek at Dad’s Playboy? Tsk, kids today have no work ethic, do they?

      There’s plenty of good reasons to loathe her – and Rihanna, if you must include her – but pearlclutching and crying “Think of the children!” because otherwise they’d be unsullied innocents is utter bullshit.

  4. OMG! I stared directly into her anus!
    I feel like part of me is still in there.

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