1. little turtle head

    I’D LIKE to tongue that ass!!!!!!!

    • If you think that’s a nice ass go hang around the nearest nursing home. Plenty of hotties with asses just like that for you to tongue.

  2. Where did she get Ruth Underwood’s old jeans?

  3. The Royal Penis

    Someone needs to tell her it’s “washboard abs” that are in, not “washboard asses”.

  4. Grace

    She’s pregnant? Only reason for wearing moms jeans.

  5. If you’ve lost so much weight that your necklace rides your ass… nevermind. Incess is never okay (and I live in the south, much like her jewelry).

  6. Gotta love this weight-loss trend all the chicks are going with. I had no idea a flat, old-woman ass was such a hot commodity worth starving yourself for!

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