1. Yeah, it’s pretty disgusting….but the chick in the corner, her vagina is literally eating her shorts. Someone go save those shorts before they completely disappear.

    • Um…my tongs are at the dry cleaners.

    • Dox

      Unfortunately those shorts have reached the critical desalination point. With the influx of cold air, it will quite literally begin to produce mega super storms with hundreds of lightning strikes per square inch.

      I’m afraid the only way to save everyone is drill to the core, and set a nuke off. It might dislodge the shorts.


  2. Cardinal Haze DIKKeman XII

    I’m old. I am fat balding & repulsive (thanks Kaufman) as well.

    My dick does not want this poon~~and that takes alot.

    I bet her asshole stinks like salvia.


  3. cc

    I am redesignating the leg presses from the chick in the front to Miley.

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