1. some black dude

    she could just let me lick it once and ill never ask her for anything else

  2. Say what you what about Miley but holy shit. Look at all the little girls admiring her, her mojo. Is there no saving the soul of the cute girl in pink in front from this abomination? NO I am not a pedophile.I feel sad for my friend’s daughter with Miley around. (:

  3. EricLR

    I’m going to call it. She has pre-mom-butt. One day, her flat ass will widen and she will wear mom jeans and take her kids to soccer practice. But until then, she’ll just have to look weird.

  4. We need to round up all of the parents of those girls who are watching and have them flogged for stupidity!

  5. In a hundred years from now, after the world has destroyed itself, and the plot-line of Idiocracy comes to pass, future generations will look to this photo and realise that the little girl in the pink foresaw the whole thing.

  6. Mike

    There are some guys with better figures than Miley.

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