1. Hugh G. Rection

    Good morning, Miley. Nice to see you.

  2. Hugh G. Rection

    Here is the magic vagina that made an ’80′s has been relevant again.

  3. Ah, so the ‘Difficult Brown’ is giving life advice to the ‘Easy Bleached’? Nice.

  4. Miley is nuts, but I would’ve wrote the same thing to crazy one hit wonder lady trying to use my fame to be recognized again.

    • No, see, a “one-hit wonder” is the likes of Billy Ray Cyrus. Multiple US gold and platinum albums, collaborations with Peter Gabriel, Massive Attack and U2, thirty-four single releases, not to mention other worldwide releases, videos, films and other appearances over a career spanning twenty plus years would be SinĂ©ad O’Connor.

      Check back in when you’re out of puberty and finally get tired of constantly embarrassing yourself.

      • She’s won one Grammy in America, and hasn’t even been released on the radio pretty much since the song that got her the Grammy in the 90s. So in America, that makes her a one hit wonder no many how many albums she’s made and songs shes sung. Billy Ray has had more country hits on a top 100 chart in America then Sinead has had, so again, one hit wonder. Maybe you should check back when you get your facts straight.

  5. “Just put the mail in the slot!”


    SO SEXY!!

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