1. Psssst. You’re not Lady Gaga. Pass it on.

  2. LiLo Lili

    “Hello, Rachel Zoe here.”
    “Hi, I have no talent. What should I wear to the AMAs to get people to look at me before the real singers arrive?”

  3. Hm, I guess they missed her lips with those staples. Damn shame.

  4. ayo

    great, now I’m blind.

  5. Normality

    And who the hell even wants to look like the freak lady gaga is… seriously what has the world come to??? why do women try to look like drag queens/ transvestites??? but seriously Kesha is a complete waste of time when it comes to music, pop culture, style and sanity.

  6. Mike F

    When did Cybill Shepherd get popular again?

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