1. Johnny Four Eyes


  2. Sheena


  3. heysamjo

    Video killed the…oh….nevermind….

  4. Julie

    Oh my god is her dress made out of the film inside VHS tapes?!

  5. wile e

    you go girl….embrace the ugly.

  6. shirleytemple

    god… this woman is trying so hard to be gaga it’s fucking hysterical

    • timmy the dying boy

      She’s only missing one thing: discernible talent. Oh, and an ass. Gotta make that two things.

  7. Russell Brand's Teef

    How long until a “where are they now” segment about this waste of space? Holy shit is she awful, in every way she (he?) can be.

  8. Matt

    Got really drunk last night, wasn’t feeling like throwing up till I saw this pic.

  9. MrsEllis

    Wasn’t that Sanjaya’s hair-do?

  10. Gee

    absolutely trashy, disgusting, ghastly and everything pop culture SHOULD NOT BE! someone dedicate themselves to shooting a bullet through her head too

  11. mnsuperbee

    she literally looks like trash.

  12. D


  13. msbeeee

    OMG! what is tht thing is it human even wow

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