1. We’re Kids Incorprated ..K-I-D-S ..YEAH !

  2. Sheena

    Auditioning for the revival of Hunchback.

  3. Is Fergie supposed to look attractive here? She looks like a little girl playing suck-it-in model in the mirror.

  4. Michaela

    fergie lmfao :D::D::D:D:D::DD:D::D:D

  5. christ

    “If I twist my legs justtt enough, I can conceal my penis”

    • Russell Brand's Teef

      haha ^^^ she’s actually tucking it behind and taking a squirt hoping no one will notice it trickling down her leg – and no pants means no wet spot…

  6. Hash

    All the fergie haters are either plain homosexuals or jealous fat/ugly bitches. Most people say she’s manly because it’s some sort of meme now, and they want to feel like they belong. I’d fuck her like there was no tomorrow. You would, too.

    • You’re right. I *must* be jealous because she looks ridiculous in this photo. It couldn’t have anything to do with her looking ridiculous in this photo. How wrong I’ve been. Thank you for your wisdom; wisdom thrown down from Mt. Hash. Exit Jackie Hyde, a wiser woman.

    • Kitty Furry

      fergie, is that you?

  7. molly

    I wonder if she’s packin a walnut in between her boobs? Like a space age boobie nutcracker.

  8. That Guy

    Looks like she shouldn’t have had those burritos before the show.

    Technocoloured Yawn in…. 3…..2…..1.

  9. cassie

    She looks like she’s about to hurl. Maybe she just saw Ke$ha

  10. Katie

    If Linda Hamilton and Quasimodo mated…

  11. D


  12. Michele

    Why is Fergie standing like that? She looks horrible!

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