1. MisterSuccint


  2. amir

    Looks like she’s wearing her moms clothes.

  3. tzo

    Jane Fonda has a nose ring?! All that rebellion and no one understands her must mean there’s another Joss Whedon movie coming out.

  4. Nixon

    I agree she’s annoying. But she can’t talk if my cock is in her mouth. Miley is totally bang-worthy. The rest is irrelevant.

  5. Aarika

    She’s jockin’ Rihanna’s “style”. Blazer as a dress, same belly chain, same slutty demeanor…

  6. Aarika

    ….And wait! Is that the lost “Aniston” haircut from Friends???? EWE

  7. tom

    She is fucking ugly.

  8. Ew

    she looks 40 with that Dallas ugly bob.

  9. Nixon

    Who cares about the hair? The small titties are fantastic.

  10. Jones

    Are her itty bitty’s so out of control she needs to put them on a leash?

  11. Boo

    what’s with the boob harness?

  12. floyd

    You put sandwiches in her sparkly glamour hole.

  13. sassy

    Way to steal Jessica Simpson’s look from the VMAs like 5 years ago. Except Jessica had pants. And boobs.

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