1. Is that a sandwich above her ass?

  2. I guess these photos was taken in the early months of this year before she was Kutcherized.

    • Hank Hill

      Id like to know when these were taken as well…cuz she has not looked like this for a while. She had to put on a bunch of weight for a new film….these celebs must love photoshop.

  3. brick

    Cute. not sexy.

  4. meowtrix

    Eh… she looks like an Olsen twin in this photo.

  5. amanda

    She is a gorgeous woman. Not sure why the photog decided she needed a pack of index cards in her underwear tho

  6. tzar

    If she’s the sexiest woman alive, i’m the Pope

  7. sable

    wow … definitely photoshopped

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