1. Burke

    Sexiest Woman Alive.. hahahahah… HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHA

  2. I’m gonna have to get up an hour earlier tomorrow so I can hate Kutcher for an hour longer than I do today

  3. dirtdog

    Sexy ok. Sexiest? No.

  4. Kojak

    She has a pretty face, but her body is just ugly.
    And i’m not talking about her weight, but about her lack of curves and muscular shape.

  5. BAHAH


  6. ash

    yall are nuts! she’s gorgeous!

  7. Chumleigh-Warner

    If that is the sexiest woman alive ,I’m a chocolate fire guard. . .
    There are women waiting for the bus in Grimsby far sexier,come on .

    Also what is her boyfriend wearing on his head in that cafe ?

    Thank you The Right Honorable Chumleigh-Warner,uk.

    • Your name is fantastic! I was led to believe however that it is usually spelled Cholmondley. Are you doing us a solid by making it easier to say correctly? :D

      • Chumleigh-Warner

        Thanks old boy ! You are so right, but folk around here would end up saying it so totally wrong, after all they also quite like this girl who frankly if she was at the bus stop in Grimsby the driver wouldn’t bother stopping. Cheers old chum, pip pip.

  8. “Actress poses topless for magazing that doesn’t show tits.” I fail to see the benefit here.

  9. She is really very sexy and very hottest women.

  10. Skeeter

    She’s amazing! I would eat skittles out of her butthole.

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