1. John Carey

    Mila Kunis cracks me up. I find this statement to be very funny. In that it is totally off the wall. No really! When I first heard it. It made me laugh. Just because she herself had some success with weight loss. Does that qualify her as an expert on the subject. “Well if I can do it. You can do it. So there”
    Fact is. Obesity for some is in their DNA. Can’t be helped. For them it is a fact of life.
    We all make ignorant statements. Based on our own theories, concepts and opinions. Anybody who says they havn’t is just lying. So there.
    But when Mila Kunis does what we all do. Well lets run it up the flagpole.
    Better yet. How about tar and feathers? Mabye she should just heed the sound wisdom of Justin Timberlake and “SHUT HER FACE”

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