1. Esoteric

    She’s right, for the most part. There are medical reasons (aside from the ever popular glandular) that affect a person’s ability to lose weight .. to a point.

    Although too often people say “I’d give anything to lose weight!” when what they should be saying is “I’d give up anything to lose weight!”.

    But Fish totally nailed it. The bigger issue here is quality and price. Food that’s truly good for you is typically priced out of the average person’s budget, while every fast food joint in the world now has dollar menus. Something needs to be done on a larger scale as much as on an individual scale.

  2. reformed_druid

    What the hell would she know about it anyway, we have watched her grow up on TV and so know for a fact that she has never ever had any weight issues at all. There are a lot of different issues that make it very difficult for people to lose weight.
    And for the record it isn’t the pretty part that make women hate each other, it’s these completely retarded statements that they make as if they are experts on a subject that make us hate them.

  3. bassackwards

    “Stupid Hollywood cunt. What does she know?”

    There! I didn’t want to disappoint anyone!

    Copy&Paste is kewl….

    But seriously, what she says is BASICALLY true, however, not many people have the resources to hire their own personal trainer, who spends countless hours each day working with you, just so that your personal dietician can calculate your required intake for that day, and relay that info to your personal chef, who will prepare you just the right meal to balance all that out, after he has your personal shopper go out and buy just the right foods he needs to prepare that meal…. but you know, yeah, anybody can loose the weight, if they REALLY want to….
    “Stupid Hollywood cunt. What does she know!”

  4. bassackwards

    But I’d still bend her over my Bag-O-Chips, and fuck’r silly….

  5. JessicaMarie

    actually women i know tend to love her because she’s A) funny B) hot C) honest. or maybe that’s just me. anyways, i agree with her 100 percent.

  6. barbosa

    Stupid Hollywood cunt….jkjk

  7. JessicaMarie

    and to the other comments, it how about spending more of your money on fruits and veggies instead of smart phones, ipads, etc. you make a choice to eat shit or to eat right. it’s no excuse to say healthy food is too expensive.

  8. mari

    its true!!! i used to be one of those fat b*tches that would give “anything” to lose weight.. well guess what.. its a lotta WORK and DEDICATION. ur not gonna lose all ur weight in a week. its a long term commitment. and after 7 months, im down 55 lbs cuz I stuck to my plan, and I disciplined myself.


  9. tina

    fkinggg love mila kunis

  10. Man alive. That really made me laugh! It’s true though – I can get a can of lager for 89p or a sliver of salmon for £4.99. Oops I said too much. Must get back to rioting. Toodeloo!

  11. PT01

    Get off your asses if you want to lose weight. She’s abso-fuckin-lutely right. People can if they have the determination and willpower. People are bloody lazy!

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