1. monkeylaugh

    I wouldn’t say she’s put on weight as much as she’s put on “the uglies”. She’s definitely not someone who should fail to wash her hair for days, thus rendering layers of grease on her scalp, or someone who should go without makeup. Ugh! She and Kutcher make a good couple.

  2. Blech

    I was gonna say she looks like she’s glowing. The weight gain has made her face seem prettier and fuller, and I never thought she could be prettier.

  3. phuqueue

    I’d do her pudginess. Dirty..clean..whatever. Yummy!!

  4. Thalini

    this is a great post kim…i love mila kunis..she have a quirky and fun lvinog attitude whichi love,and she is simply stunning..those eyes are just beautiful..thanks for the sweet comments you left on my blog and for following as well..i follow your inspiring and informative it!!! have a great week my dear

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