1. Bruno

    Ugly body…
    Large waist, small breasts and hips.
    With strong arms from neck to below she would be exactly like Harvey Keitel.

  2. Bruno

    Rob Schneider’s body…

  3. Bruno

    Rob Schneider with a Mila Kunis mask…

  4. Visible

    Holy Crap! she is huuuge! look at that gut. That’s not a baby in the oven, she got fat from below the breasts and down the ribcage. She is finished!! First Britney, then copycat Jessica Simpson, xtina, Ashley Judd and now….Houston, we have a new porker!!

    • Peter

      Are you insane? “She’s Huuuuuuuge” . She’s actually tiny.

      Look around you – most women have stomachs that aren’t flat and butts and strong legs. It’s only tragic celebrities and a small number of people in the world are really ‘naturally’ skinny by your standards. And most people who are skinny are adolescents or sad women who want to look like teenagers so they become chronic dieters. Most of us are somewhere in between and some people are fat. Who cares, really. But Mila is not fat. Gahhh..

  5. rj

    She’s always been round in the middle. She’s an apple, you just notice more with weight gain.

  6. Frederique

    Com on! She’s just as normal as everyone ! She had to gain weight for a movie, what’s the big deal about it ? She’s beautiful, no matter what. Look at your mom, sister, wife or daughter, and tell me they are ugly just cause they aren’t wearing a 0 size….. Stop using celebrities as punch bags and look around you!

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