1. “God, when will she stop talking like Meg? Is that really her real voice?”

  2. “So my manager was like, ‘Mila, you have to accept or you will look like a giant bitch.’ So here I am!”

  3. Duke Malibu

    Give the girl a break and don’t be so jaded.. Regardless of the PR involved, she kept her promise, went, and looked classy.. Look at the smile on that hero’s face… he’ll remember this for a lifetime, so cut her some slack !!

  4. Duke Malibu

    ..and a thumbs up to Leonardo for his participation… They both earned points from me which is not easy …Save for a very few of them, I have no use for the Hollywood crowd..

  5. Uncle Phil

    “It has to be this big. At least. I wasn’t passing up a chance to see it up close.”

  6. Um, relax dude. Nobody is insulting anybody, but just having some fun with captions. Save the Patriotic trolling for HuffPo or Yahoo Groups.

  7. wtf

    I think it’s awesome, we never had anything like this when I was in…his expression is priceless. Way to go!

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