1. Misana

    wacky. lol

  2. J-Dizzle

    Justin: You know what they say about being more then a palmful?
    Mila: That it must be really small, and have you seen how small my hands are?

  3. snarl

    oh, i wanna be him. or her. or him. or her. or him. right, him. …or her. shit!

  4. Much in spite of myself, I’m starting to like this dude.

  5. Ballin Collin

    Not sure which one I’d rather be here.

  6. arnieblackblack

    FML… fuck my life

  7. 304-Bradley Ripple

    After retiring as JT fan, returning as fan for 2011, i believe starting like this kid now as I agree.

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