1. charles

    If someone she loved kisses her I bet she will smile. SO sad my heart is broken. Still i like her boobies though.

  2. Lesbocado

    I actually believe Natalie is a thousand times cuter than that Mila Kunis girl. Natalie’s face is simply perfect. Kunis might be more on the sexy side of beauty, I guess.

  3. It’s nice to see she got the present I sent her after I watched The Professional. If you need me, I’ll be in my van with the windows painted over.

  4. superhero

    Are you kidding? Natalie could probably stand next to 97% of the women in the world and put them to shame she’s naturally stunning even with the sticks and bones body. Mila can’t hold a candlestick to her. You must have had beer goggles on when you wrote this.

  5. Mary

    Mila is sexy. Natalie is stunning. She is right up there with Kiera Knightly and Angelina.

  6. gerald willman

    come on people are you mila is cute but natalie portman blows her away as far as being pretty!besides that mila doesnt have abutt what so ever…

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