1. Ruckus

    I want to bake a pie out of that ass!!

  2. El Jefe

    Butt implants when done tastefully like this are OK in my book.
    And Fish summed it up perfectly about how most of us feel about this situation.

  3. Natalie

    looks like celluiltis…

  4. Oh my god that ass. Doggy style everyday.

  5. Ritt Momney

    hm..after looking at this picture I suddenly know what I want for dinner. Is that wierd?

  6. McGee

    I want to put my tongue so far up here butthole. That would be great!

  7. etr

    If that is as good as her ass looks in the magic that is yoga pants, y’all would be severely disappointed when she takes them off.

    • BE

      Oh the joy that is hormonal teenage boys with an internet connection.

      Having racked up a lot of gym time – I agree. Mila pulls those yoga pants off and her butt’s going to drop about six saggy inches (implants or not). She reads as “thin” not “in shape”. Two completely different things.

      And, the boy language doesn’t read “intimate” to me – too much space between them…but there goes the teenager thing again too.

  8. GeM

    Jesus Christ, that guy is such a Donkey’s Dick.

  9. Chinny

    Jesus, fattie, put down the cheeseburgers! Amirite?

    Seriously, if calling this bitch fat doesn’t turn every girl under 30 into a bulimic mess, nothing will.

  10. eLeL724

    Ya’ll are making such a fuss over her booty so I click the pics to see what all the buzz is about…. Is it just me or does her ass look lumpy? It looks like she did a shitty (no pun intended) cheap stuffing job. It looks like there is a balled-up paper towel or towels/TP almost at the center of both of her (ass) cheeks. It looks weird. Other than that, I’d agree with all of you, but no ass should appear lumpy (especially in tight ass yoga pants that pull your cheeks up/smooth ‘em out.

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