1. Howie

    Dude stop the political posts and post more Bikini’s… I know how about Natalie Portman in a bikini!! Would be 10x more interesting then what you have to say about Mike Huckabee….

  2. Dr. Rhino

    This is where I part company with you Dude. It’s the poor single moms that are involving Big Government into our lives by virtue of the fact that they are imposing tax debt onto those of us that actually PAY taxes. Where do you think Earned Income Credits, Food Stamps and rent subsidies come from…those of us that actually PAY taxes. And how is that money derived??? At the end of the gun of the IRS. Taken from us by force then given to people that can’t control their reproductive habits. Women choosing to have babies when they can’t afford to take care of themselves and depending on Big-Government to take care of them financially is OBNOXIOUS!!!

  3. Jesus Christ

    LOL! Republicans are stupid.

  4. Phil

    … actually Ms. Portman is my baby-momma

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