1. And so the continuing coverage of bikini clad transgenders with butt implants & boob implants goes on and on and on

  2. I call it like I see ‘em. If you like the silicon filled “dude” types, more power to ya. He’s all yours : )

    • I don’t know what some men are intimidated by a beautiful woman simply because she has a hard body like Michelle or JNL. Mrs Lewin (Yes she is married) is damn fine and hot and that’s my opinion. Just saying your opinion isn’t mine and mine isn’t yours.

      • …i’ll say it if you won’t; his opinion is asinine. (saying; “i call it as i see it” only means you’re saying the stupid shit you think out loud, it does’nt mean you’re right)

      • She’s married!? Goddammit…

        Then why the fuck doesn’t she wear her damn wedding ring, like all proper taken women should do?

        If you’re unavailable, Michelle, just make it clear – we’ll still flap to you regardless!

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