1. Fuck yes. I love a woman with muscle tone, especially some nice abs.

  2. postal service could end for millions

    that’s a man, baby.

  3. I usually don’t go for the muscular chicks, I like my women soft, but that is spectacular.

  4. kmag

    she’d be perfect except for the bolt-ons.

  5. GeneralZod

    She is fantastic. However,. I do wish there was a pic of her pre-implants. Totally understand the need for them given her line of work but super curious.

  6. Her kegal muscles could snap a man right off.

  7. Deacon Jones

    She could come up to me and say ” I have AIDS, fuck me without a condom” and I’d proceed to immediately

  8. She’s got more muscle fibers in her labia majora than I have in my entire body. I’m talking about fast-twitch fibers of course.

  9. Those two photos above are amazing of her.

  10. Lasagna hog

    It’s like Jennifer Nicole Lee without the penis.

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