1. Why on Earth do these ladies ruin their bodies with HORRIBLE implants? And what freaking moron plastic surgeon has the lack of sense and skill to do this to someone? It’s like the surgeon gets paid according to how much boob he can load into a little frame. The world is crumbling two boobs at a time.

    • …even though no one asked, or cares, as a long time fan of the culture, allow me …women in the fitness/bodybuilding game get fake boobs in order to “look more feminine” because of the (mis)conception that females with that much muscle look too masculine …and because they’re so lean, with no body-fat to fill out the seams, most of them look extra fake …plus, they often get the implants under the muscle (thinking it’ll make them look more natural) which makes them sit up even higher and look even faker …but, having said all that; i don’t give a shit, i love a good set of big fake boobs just as much as the real thing, and lewin is one smokin’ hot chick.
      (also see: justine munro — )

  2. They look like they’re under pressure.

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