1. She obviously doesn’t like sucking cock or anal. After twenty kids you think you would learn to like one or the other.

    • Expert on Everything


    • Peacegirl

      She worships “him”… they are like a cult… did you see the look on her face? Either she totally worships “him” or she is “afraid” of him…. did you see the looks on the faces of the children that are now growing up? The older ones are “brainwashed”…. the younger ones had some doubts…. but when asked …. they reluctantly said…”something like this is good”… with no enthusiasm…. why are we glamorizing this cult? Just like the Kardashians? Reality Shows have really been the crapper of civilization…. these families could live their lives in obscurity except for neighbors and friends…. and they probably wouldn’t be doing this crazy stuff…. except for Michelle… which she so worships “what’s his name” that her whole life depends on the fact she gives him another offspring to tell the world he is “The Man”….

  2. Expert on Everything

    I have to admit. I wanna hate these 2. -But shit, at least they takin care of they million babies. She even uses the buddy system where the older sibs are designated a younger one and takes care of, tutors and/or monitors their little buddy. THATS FRIKKIN GENIUS (hello Octo Mom!!). They’re married, 100% financially secure (they live off the earnings of the commercial rentals they own) and home school. If your gonna repopulate the earth, at least ACT like you got some sense!

    • Ell

      Except the part about how the kids don’t have lives cause they have to take care of the younger ones..

      And wtf, ‘repopulate’? Since when have we been needing that?

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