1. It’s a vagina. Not a clown car.

  2. yourenotthebossofme

    I’m most offended by the look on her face! Just makes me want to scream “WAKE UP WOMAN!” – but she’s ‘Happy’, jesusfckingchrist, if that’s what happy is, I’d rather be miserable.

  3. Someone Else

    I would rather have them as neighbors then any other reality stars. Their kids seem decent and polite and not future tragedies like Kate’s kids are bound to become. Would i let a daughter marry into the family? No f’ing way, but a son? Sure, if he wants an obedient wife who believes its her obligation to give it up regularly. Why not?

    • These assholes live about 40 minutes from me. This is really getting old. Seriously. The last kid almost killed her…..so let’s have another and put the nail in the coffin.

    • you think this doesn’t affect you? Do they get social assistance? food stamps? Tax deductions? Hell, their litter is going to choke the local school system for at least another 20 years to come.

  4. Charlie Hodge

    This woman’s vagina must look like a taco that was regurgitated….20 times over.

  5. What I dont understand is,where on EARTH does she find the time to keep having sex!!?? I have 3 kids (totally done here) and its freakin hard to be intimate with my husband when one kid or the other is always awake and wanting something or other…they┬┤re always around the house,I keep tripping over one where ever I go..sometimes I have to count and make sure I only have 3 because I swear it seems like more sometimes lol.
    This couple is completely out of their mind…look at those faces.From what Ive read,she pumps out kids like a queen ant,and her kids literally raise each other amongst themselfs whislt she gets busy riding her husband to make the next one.I bet her vagina resembles the star gate by now..kids just walking out (Gotta love Dane cook stand up comedy lol).

    I was kinda expecting this though..I mean,she needs #20 to even out the number of babies that the 10 older ones have to raise.

    Michelle honey..when you obligate your older kids to raise the younger ones because you dont have the time or energy,ITS TIME TO STOP HAVING KIDS!

  6. Lissa

    This should be illegal.

  7. Pixie

    I seriously want to hit her in the face. Wtf is up with that look of pure adoration? STOP BREEDING.

  8. Mike Walker

    “Jim, next time cum on the tits. Please!”

  9. You’re my sister! You’re my sister!

  10. cp3

    These people are so demented they will keep reproducing until she dies. While I am disgusted with their environmental irresponsibility, at least they are able to financially support all of them without government assistance *ahem – octomom*

  11. Lola

    A hotdog down the The Chunnel?

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