1. Poe

    It’s not a handlebar mustache, it’s a fu manchu. And he’s likely weareing in in support of Joe Flacco and the Ravens.

  2. Me2

    San Fernando Valley circa 1970.

  3. Rob

    It nicely elongates his face. Interesting fact: His head can’t be made into a bobble-head because his chin is so sharp, it cuts glass.

  4. Rockbourne

    @Poe It’s a handlebar, not a fu manchu. As a Raven’s fan, I too have grown a handlebar to support the team. A real fu takes much longer to grow as the sides are clean shaven and all of the hair comes from the upper lip.

  5. haha!

    Who wants a mustache ride?? MEE MEEE MEEE MEE!!!!

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