1. Sonicare cover

    What’s up with this site? No more nudes?

  2. Darwin Wins

    Smells like tuna!

  3. aeru

    Now she’ll become famous for this and soon there will be nude offers from Playboy and Vivid. Is there really no need to work to become famous anymore? Has it really become that simple now?

  4. Mia

    Wow, that’s so wrong. Poor girl. I hope she sues him..

  5. Nik

    i click nsfw and the stupid fish thing is still in the way. this is outrageous

  6. Jay

    If this is true, Lohan is a douche. He’s a vendictive prick with the morals and ethics of a snake. Ever wonder why LaLohan is so screwed up?

  7. Oh Baby

    Hey, I’m impressed such a small pic covers the real TUNA! That being said, I’d tap it over my fat wife anyday!

  8. Tangpow

    Her snatch must be pretty small for that pic to cover it! I’d bang ‘er instead of my fat wife any day!

  9. Mo

    Yup, just another warning to women around the world, if you ever spend the night at Michael Lohan’s place and you hear those magic words “psssst, are you awake?” pull the blanket up around your ears and scream…

  10. Mo

    one more word of advice to any woman that spends the night at MLO’s house, when you hear those magic words “pssssy, are you still out, I mean asleep?” pull the blanket up over your ears and scream…

  11. buttfuck

    anyone see all the warts

  12. flesh

    i wanna puke on dim tits…….

  13. August Teen

    I’ll give him $5 for the whole series–$7.50 tops. Then I’ll give the pix to her so she can sue his useless ass for invasion of privacy.

  14. nasty_mike

    Not nice Mr Lohan, but I love the pictures because I can pretend she’s actually dead whilst I fap (unzips)….

  15. Niabalski

    She deserves it. She new what she what getting into.

  16. Phil

    I bet it smells fishy down there

  17. pimp

    i wanna see her asshole…

  18. teabagger

    do not want! my eyes, aiiiieeeeee!

  19. bocon


  20. Yahoo

    Well, at least we know that her hoo-ha is cleanly shaven…and I think she has a nice rack! I’d put my monster wang between those boobs!!

  21. spfan

    she is nasty! double chin and ugly breasts

  22. GMB

    What a fun and sexy time for her.

  23. Clickclick

    *Fap *Click *BANG

  24. Shay

    She doesn’t look like she is passed out… she looks like she’s faking it. They (being the media whores they are) probably staged this shoot. He gets money and she gets press and money doing interviews saying how “appalled” she is that he would do such a thing.

    Nobody… really NOBODY passes out with both boobs out of a shirt and no pants, blankets or sheets covering them. For one it would be uncomfortable to have your shirt tucked under your boobs like that… and for 2, it would be awfully drafty. Unless he drugged her, I don’t believe for a second these are just his doing.

  25. devaltree

    Some of you people have some serious sexuality dysfunctions. Those are some bangin (seemingly) naturals. I mean real or fake they are still nice. If everyone really wanted to eff a stick with two branches and a pair of rock hard fake coconuts disguised under killer clown-esque makeup then I wouldn’t run into so much BBW pr0n online. Maybe the typical commenter here is in high school and is still teaming for a crack at the ball because they havent had a chance to run for first base. And Im not talking about kissing first base… Im talking about holding hands or getting your knees touched through your jeans that might feel so alien that you gasm. Lose your virginity and get back to me children.

  26. Bored with life

    Fap! Fap! Fap!

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