1. dorothy

    this douchetard did this because douchey sites like this will buy them. Shame on you, this should be considered some sort of rape. Off this site and all lame gosssip sites now. Way to continue her victimization. And if it is all a setup, again due to your willingness to publish such nonsense. You ARE Michael Lohan, MR Superficial, same same- get it.

  2. Henry Krinkle

    please add another pink star to that massive second chin.

  3. mitchhaase.wordpress.com

    Nice chins.

  4. Felicia

    You’re on this gossip site bitching about the maker of the site being a promoter of gossip. Why? You remind me of Michael Lohan. You’re both idiots.

  5. Greg

    Dorothy – Shut the fuck up.

  6. Covert Koala

    So where are the pics of Lindsay sucking him off? Sure would explain a lot right?

  7. Hard 4 Kate

    Two words – titty fuck.

    WTF is with the no vag picture???

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