1. Wait, I don’t get it. So she was passed out when he took these pics? It looks like he pulled down her shirt and panties while she was sleeping and took the pics.

  2. Sonicare cover

    I will never be able to unsee that.

  3. This guy is class personified.
    It’s a wonder Lindsay’s not married to nobility yet.

  4. Heather

    They are both fucking tards but she is obviously asleep in these photos…..need I say more as to who is the fucking asshole……??????????????

  5. That Dirty Ape

    That’s what “Star” fucking gets you.

  6. ALT

    HEY take off your slutty makeup

  7. IronKev

    You guys are hilarious. Not sure if you ever seen real tits in your life but that’s what big tits do when a woman in on her back.
    Now she is a hole because she will fuck any (star–using that term very loosely) but she doesn’t deserve this especially when she was sleeping. Lohan is as scuzzy as his daughter..Hope she can sue his ass for the $45 bucks he’s worth!

  8. Her breasts are awesome!!

  9. Roger Mortis

    Chicken of the sea? Really? What kind of women are you people banging? If your woman’s lady bits smell like tuna, or fish, or any kind of sea creature then there’s SOMETHING WRONG WITH HER VAGINA. Get it checked out, srsly.

  10. Roger Mortis


  11. dude

    i would actually love to suck on those things.

    • Tiya

      I agree. The fact that you guys re-posted these pics when she doesn’t want them to be seen is another form of victimization. What comes around, goes around. Better watch out for your family because one day someone may do it to them and them call them wh*res.

  12. shirleytemple

    boy, this guy is just pure class

  13. Hugh Gentry

    I’ve seen way worse tits. I’d give them a go.

  14. iceberg slim

    She’s gorgeous. Don’t be hating on her.

  15. captain obvious

    Lohan is a waste of skin but i would still expect him to pull better tail than this and he should not photo rape people while they sleep because that is even creepier than usual for him.

  16. You can tell by her areolae that she has had a pregnancy. I wonder what happened to the kid?

  17. Dr. Laura

    This just proves once again what an asshole that man is. ASSHOLE.

  18. Woofus

    Not Cool

  19. MsHonest

    I soooo wanna date that guy, he is my kinda-man!! (NOT)

  20. offtheproperty

    she star now. she look goods. she no sleeps. she more like.

  21. Rob

    Isn’t this classified as beastieality…?

  22. Charlie The Tuna

    WTF you talking about FIsh, “didn’t add the tuna”?

    Here I am, captured live in my moment of glory, licking that glorious Kate puss, and you have the nerve to suggest that I doctored the photos? WTF? You think I can’t get none? Racist against tunas?

  23. shankyouverymuch

    I want to see the twat! Why is the stupid fish in my way! Where can I go to see the TWAT!!!

  24. w

    so gross. who the hell would pay money for these photos?

  25. jenn

    um anyone else notice shes totally unconscious? creepyyy. even for michael lohan.

  26. That's Ke$ha isn't it?

    Oh wait, this chick is hotter.

  27. isaack

    the chick is hot ,give me a break here.

  28. Larrythefatcat

    Sorry Charlie!!!

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