1. sahara

    serious butterface

  2. burton

    her body is ok, but her face is meh…why so much makeup…oh shit, KEEP IT ON!

  3. this girl

    daddy issues much?

  4. antifratdude

    i bet you her poon lips look like a bloodhound’s cheeks. look at that bulge in the suit…
    have none of you any powers of detecting slut-snatch?
    also… totally would have been believable if it was a pic of blow-han.

    • brittani

      I was waiting for someone to comment on that hahahaha.

      Great body yes, but not the face…. where did her upper lip go?

  5. Obvious

    Hard to believe she has nasty tramp stamp ink. NOT

  6. Cardinal Fang

    Lindsey’s out of the house now, so he’s has found someone else to bang.

  7. HLM

    She looks like Tonya Harding’s little sister. Or daughter.

  8. linds

    butterface. gross makeup, gross facial expression.

  9. r

    I can see where she took her bellybutton ring out

  10. burton

    who cares if she has small tits, at least they wont sag and she will always be perky.

  11. Sol

    Repulsive. Who is this white trash skank anyway?

  12. gluten

    fuck, that’s ugly

  13. Weird Al

    On behalf of female kind, let me apologize for this gold digging worthless media whore skank. Did she not read the part about her aging boyfriend’s domestic abuse? No, babe smelled the fame.

  14. kiss_liss

    paha awesome photoshop blurring where they sucked her stomach in on the sides. Cool corrugated effect on the right hand side!

  15. SamJo

    Oh come one, she’s not photo shopped…..Buwahahahahahaaaaaaa, I’m sorry, I just couldn’t say that with a straight face!

  16. jerk

    i would seriously rail that

  17. Vera

    Why does it look like her face was added to her body? Not that it helped any. I think her body is nice in this pic but she should never turn around. She has no butt. But I guess some men like no butt.

  18. Ashley

    Actually…he is NOT banging” this”. And this photograph looks like it was photoshopped by someone who didn’t know what they were doing. The picture just seems off.

  19. yowillie

    Lucky guy.

  20. dee

    Her body shape looks completely different in the second photo what the hell?! It looks like a 5 year old photoshopped this picture!

  21. all this talking about sonia is making everyone on here look like douche bags and obv. shows that your jealous of her. why not grow up and act your ages. and for the record she is not trailer park trash or no where near it. so honestly grow up and get over it, everyone makes mistakes and obv she did too. you live and you learn.

  22. john

    i know her personally. honestly she is a nice person, kinda dumb not too dumb though. She would help anyone who asked, and not for any other reason than being nice. she does however try for the attention wherever she can get it. these f\photos definately arent photoshopped, it is her body, and her face. funny thing is her brother looks identcal. he is a sgt at parris island sc united states marine corps. cant imagine what theyre saying to him onbase!!! hahaha

  23. joe tanner

    sonia is my cousin believe it or not she has worked very hard to get where she is today. we come from a small town in new york where dreams are hard to grasp and being put down is normal. but u know what how many of u are with a person who looks half as beautifull as she is, and is as succsessfull as she is. she is not trailor trash, we come from a big family with more guns than the atf.our family sticks together, and we take care of each other besides if u knew her brother my cousin tommy u pussies wouldent be sayiing half that shit so haters eat a dick. sonia i love u cuz and we are all proud of you. tell mike i wanna bang his jailbait daughter haha. tell her check me on facebook ya digggggg

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