1. Eyyyyy!

    The Fonz is back!

  2. Rat Bastard

    Yes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Hey! Wait, where are you going?!

  3. Sir William

    “It smells like I am standing downwind from a fish packing plant.”

  4. Ollie

    Zoom in on her left arm. At the top it looks like chicken skin and lower down it looks like a witch’s arm – or Madonna’s.

    • Those are signs of a girl trying to lose more weight than necessary. The hands start to look like boney talons and the arms look like sticks. But she’s not nearly as bad as some of the other women with that stuff.

  5. Bilvis

    How many Clydesdales is she on the Clydesdale Scale Dale?

  6. Ben Whofleck

    What? You don’t know how to wash a car in a dirty way? Well I just lost my boner.

    To PA on standby: “Send in the next talentless whore.”

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