1. stacy

    I see the Promised Land.

  2. I hear the melody of ‘Hot Cross Buns’ wafting from the clothed confines of my skin flute.

  3. Cock Dr

    Victorias Secret – a business that’s made a load selling self induced wedgies to women everywhere.

  4. cc

    The distance between what I see in this photo shoot and my real life is almost infinite.

  5. Deacon Jones

    That’s what I call “Grade A Beef”.

  6. Wow

    I am jealous but also turned on? lol

  7. Notice how we haven’t seen Behati or Ana’s faces yet, but no one’s complained, “from the back that could be anybody.”

  8. Stupid

    And the best part is there not a single disgusting tattoo on any of these women.

  9. Mr. Poop

    id take the one in the middle, nice and creamy

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