1. What’s irony? A model, who’s paid to have her picture taken and star in commercials, being annoyed by someone taking pictures of her.

  2. Willie Dixon

    Actually, she gets paid more for an hour photo shoot than most people make in a month because she’s that rare ideal of perfection. Plus, her image is everything and if a pap gets a bad shot of her, it blows her image.

    BUT I’ll take any picture of her cuz I don’t think there are any bad angles. I normally like Kelly Brook type girls (brunette/crazy curves/meat on bones), but this girl is plain and simple smoking hot.

    • Willie Dixon

      *aren’t any bad angles

      • Anon

        I think you want to keep it with “are any bad angles” … Unless you mean that you don’t think there are any angles of her that exist that are not bad. Which is obviously untrue.

  3. Snooki's Taint

    Yup, the self-entitled, whiney bitchy face that comes from being so beautiful you can use someone’ else’s tongue as toilet paper. Enjoy it while you got it girly.

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