1. I smell the worst production of “Sweeney Todd” ever.

  2. Raise your one free hand if you didn’t click ‘View Full Size’…


  3. I don’t get it… where’s her ass?

  4. Looks like she shops for clothes in the crafting section at Michael’s.

  5. I had a five second fantasy that there was a knock on my door and when I opened it, there she was standing on my doorstep. That being said, I’m going back now to see if I can add an hour or two. Cya…

  6. Really...?

    Its a test. I’d still fuck her till I had a heart attack. All 14 minutes of wonderment for me.

    Therefore, I’m a hetro. Thanks for helping me confirm that.

  7. Jenn

    Did she lose a bet? That’s one fugly hat.

  8. Something tiny in the back of my mind keeps whispering that there’s something wrong here but I can’t hear it over the overwhelming sound of tits.

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