1. Before Riff Raff grew his hair out.

  2. cajunhawk

    Looks like flesh eating bacteria is attacking her shoulder…

  3. POSTURE, Lena. Straighten up!

  4. –Spare some change?
    –You there, put on this tuxedo and escort me to this gala and I shall reward you with $20 for the evening.

  5. Stupid Lena , he’s of course GAY!

  6. Does she go out of her way to look heinous? Her face looks even more rodent like, and you can see the neck fat pooling where her neck meets her back, and I don’t even have to mention the rest of the body to emphasize how horrible this is.

  7. “Oh Lena, I don’t know if it’s your man shoulders or your arm fungus but I have to ask… Will you… have enough to rent me for the next hour because it’s gonna cost you double.”

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