1. Ah, my drop of golden sun has arrived!

  2. Cock Dr

    Hanging on hard to that old vampire persona.

  3. Jack Ketch

    Awfully young to be having unsightly bags under your eyes :(

  4. I’ve seen the fishing lure hat, but not the fishing lure dress before.

  5. Lagerfeld’s Servant: “Mr. Lagerfeld! Ms. Kristen Stewart is on the phone inquiring as to whether you will dress her for the gala!”

    Karl Lagerfeld: “Merde, this cunt again… transfer it to the phone in my studio! *picks up phone* Ah, yes, Ms. Stewart, how are we today, hm? Oh, yes, I have just the dress for you that will take all of the attention off of your unfortunate face.”

  6. Really...?

    Imagine how miserable she’d be if she wasn’t rich and famous.

  7. Smile, you sour cunt.

  8. She is obviously disappointed with the lack of married directors she can blow.

  9. Somehow she managed to get stuck in her dream catcher.

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