1. Jesus, Nina Garcia, the dress ain’t THAT bad! And why did you bring a pineapple to the Gala anyway?

  2. Cock Dr

    Rumpled but cute. I’m gonna assume she wore that dress as a favor to some designer fashion friend.

    • rumpled? Are you are talking about her face? I think she has a cranial nerve injury.

    • Another vote for “rumpled but cute.” Her dishevelment suggests she’s had sex; her smirk that she’s unashamed. I like the heated, bronze makeup; the dress not so much but at least it’s a departure from the frothy, virginal dresses that Marchesa has been known for.

  3. We wore the dress and said “”Screw it !!

  4. That dress is an ill-fitting hot mess, the colour of baby poo and regular poo. I’ll bet it is flying off the racks.

  5. Photobombed by a sneezer.

  6. Jenn

    Aaahh, who stabbed Belle?

  7. She was closely followed by an animated candle, a clock and a tea pot that sounds like Angela Lansbury.

  8. OhKinny

    #backgroundbitch hates that dress too.

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