1. Spleen


  2. David Byrne is unimpressed.

  3. Short, cute dress + pudgy legs = gah.

  4. Reporter-” And what your name ?
    Lena-My names “Dumpy”
    Reporter-Do you have a last name?
    Reporter-Your mother must be proud.

  5. She stands like she has to drop a load.

  6. Oh good, she remembered to bare her shoulders and ham-hock arms. We love that.

  7. Where is Gandalf when you need Him!

  8. Do none of these girls have handlers or friends that can tell them to comb their hair, or change their dress, or cover the tats??

  9. Mmmm, yummy! (Eewwww…I can’t even believe I joked about that!)

  10. Oh fuck. First Kristen Stewart, now this bitch. Go away and never come back. Both of you.

  11. Is she wearing it backwards?

  12. Tattoos with a strapless dress are just plain tacky. Low class.

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