1. Cock Dr

    That beige outfit cries out for a gemstone to size of a chicken egg bouncing around in the cleavage valley.

  2. Netta

    Hey Leighton, my grandma wants her tits back.

  3. Well, shit! At least you could have given us a view of that Meester Keister!

  4. On the runway, the dress draped very differently on the model: it plunged to the waist, fastened casually at the front, and was sheer. An exquisitely beaded peignoir. Did I mention that I hate Leighton’s shoes, passionately?

  5. I suggest Leighton all photos of Leighton be from behind from now on.

  6. Is she wearing it backwards?

  7. I have a smoking jacket that looks like that

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