1. AMC will sue you if you keep showing clips from The Walking Dead.

  2. Mars needs women?

  3. GLT

    Kelly Osbourne has lost a lot of weight.

  4. “Cuz this is THRILLER!”

  5. Cock Dr

    Horrid and apparently proud of it.

  6. Totally healthy eating patterns for this one! No barfing here! Do you like my toothpicks, I mean arms?

  7. david(guest)

    this looks like something Tim Burton and Johnny Depp would double-team

  8. Me thinks Yul Brynner would say, “Now that I’m gone, I tell you: Please Eat. Whatever you do, eat even a veggie burger. If I could eat another burger, we wouldn’t be talking about any Anorexia nervosa. I’m convinced of that.”

  9. She makes me sad.

  10. She’s dressed as a purple Sharpie┬«

  11. she looks haggard

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