1. Cock Dr

    He used to be the Sexiest Man Alive but now Mad Mel looks like sour faced driftwood dressed up in a fancy suit & tie.
    No one will blow him now for love…only money brings the necessary fellatio.

  2. Moron_slayer2000

    “Tuesday’s”? Tuesday’s what? Did you mean “Tuesdays”, as in Tuesday pluralized? I think you did. I’m not certain, though. I mean, since you’re a moron.

  3. The Brown Streak

    “All rise! The honorable George Goldstein will be presiding.”
    “Ah, shit!”

  4. vlad

    Is this what being an asshole does to your looks? the man is 56 and he looks like he’s in his 70′s….I guess hatred does consume you whole!

  5. wer ist der Anwalt

    Who’s the lawyer sitting next to him? He’s kinda sexy in a cranky older man sort of way.

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