1. He does look “so fucking old!”

  2. George P Burdell

    Sugar tits. Sugar tits. Where are you Sugar tits?

  3. Who knew he’d go all the way from having a nice naked ass in Lethal Weapon to being a Russian banging alcoholic with no dignity?

  4. John Riley III

    Mel Gibson has accomplished many works in his life, born in 1956 I think,.A 5 time Academy Award Winner for ‘Braveheart’ an excellent film the man has looks and talent, but even in the first 15 minutes of BRAVEHEART he uses a king, to denounce homosexuality, Mel seems to be clinging so hard to his hard driven consciousness, That he has clung to hate for this long. “Hate is Bad” says new song by LMFAO mel, try to let go of your hatred,..because we will make sure you never work again,..Start counting your pennies, Lad..

  5. John Riley

    My best Guess is in Hollywood Language, Mel did sleep his way to the top..for him it was easy,.He gave himself to a “Temptations” now some painful memory is eating him alive, he is taking it out on woman, but ‘Remedy” this, woman scorned By Mel Gibson,.not to worry,.we will make sure you live in peace. Truelly speaking, just say “no” to this cartoon named Mel Gibson

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