1. Krystina Gill

    well that that sucks worst april ive ever seen she looks nothing like her n megan is not in her 30′s and wow may hav saved it by not making them aliens which is the most retarded thing ive ever heard in my life. now we still dont get our beloved april instead we a get a hot bimbo that prolly blew someone just to get the part. just cuz you were in transformers doesnt mean you hav to be in every movie bay makes

  2. Krystina Gill

    whats next warwick davis as kc jones? hes a great actor but doesnt fit the part or even jonah hill as shredder n sweet brown as splinter again nothing at all against these peole or even megan fox rlly just wish you could hav found somone better age and more believable as your average news reporter n with short red hair

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