1. Ihatestupidpeople

    It’s so irritating to see so many people commenting on things they know NOTHING about. She is NOT a bad actress, yes many of her roles are generic, but that says nothing of her ability. You people think you know everything about everything, well guess what, you don’t know SHIT about acting. She’s a good actress. Will she win an Oscar? Probably not. But to constantly shit on her for being a bad actress is just stupid. I’m not a huge fan of hers either, but I’m not going to sit here and jump on the bandwagon when I know it’s not true. I have acted, and I have seen her in a number of films, and she is not bad. You people all want to bitch about the “Pretty girl who can’t act” because it makes you feel better. Well great, how about doing something useful in your life instead of talking shit about someone YOU HAVEN’T EVEN MET! You’re all pathetic!

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