1. Cock Dr

    It’s nice that her husband seems like such an understanding guy.
    He knows that the only reason she had sex with monkey man Shia LaBeaof and Michale Bey was for the well being of the Transformers franchise. Success in the industry requires hard work and sacrifice.

  2. yikes

    Why do pregnant celebrities always wear high shoes? Like yea your 3″ taller but that doesn’t really slim the effects that an unborn human has on the front of your dress.

  3. Gin&Tonic

    yeah, i flipped through the whole gallery looking for a pic where i could say she’s hot, and every time the belly just killed it for me. pregnancy guts sure seem to turn a lot of men on but I gotta wonder if they;re just closet chubby-chasers who don’t want to come out fully because of the financial strain that dating a big woman would have on their food budget

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