1. lily

    they look really happy. good for them! she looks really beautiful pregnant!!!

  2. Kylie

    I think she looks absolutely beautiful. Good for her.

  3. I’d put a 2nd baby up in that! ….too soon??

  4. fashionadviser

    What I like to do with pregnant bitches is fuck them in the pooper, because vaginal is kinda weird. I still perform cunnilingus though. And golden shower.

  5. 01207789454


  6. interesting..great family

  7. guest

    She is not hot.She always makes such ugly faces.Wait til that bitch is nine months pregnant,she won’t be posing then

  8. He is irrelevant. She is soon to follow, once she craps out a kid and has a fucked up body. Byeeeeeee!

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