1. M.

    that looks painful

  2. Christine in Cda

    Yikes! What’s with the bizarre, rainbow-shaped creases? Botox or not, I don’t think I’ve ever seen ANYONE’S forehead do that!

  3. Dr Ha-Ha

    She’s pointing to the scars from the lobotomy they gave her.

  4. catapostrophe

    She’s straining to make sure she doesn’t accidentally photograph her thumb.

  5. sam

    I think someone injected a massive amount in her cheeks that prevents her from smiling. And what is up with those HUGE lips?

    Botox or not, she still looks like a cyborg. A vapid cyborg. It’s like the lights are on, but nobody’s home.

  6. Misana

    i can’t do that with my forehead. that is odd.

  7. The Lord Almighty

    Sorry missy, you’re plastic and we have all photographic evidence to prove it. PS: Why in your 20′s do you have the 60 year old post surgery “cat face” ? You WERE hot before all the surgery, now you look like an alien.

  8. Cock Dr

    That’s weird.

  9. DuncanH

    Looks like Worf from Star Trek got a sex change…

  10. Loulou

    That forehead looks like a scrotum. That is NOT normal.

  11. reformed_druid

    I think that’s the botox wearing off. Now when the collagen goes, it’s really gonna be bad.

  12. Curious Troll

    Yeah, but how about that face overhall she had, not to mention her fake DSL.

  13. V

    Just because a person uses botox doesn’t mean the skin can’t move at all ever. That’s a myth. Even if you use botox your forehead will wrinkle, especially if you try as hard as she is right now.

    Botox does not completely stop skin from moving. That face looks pretty frozen still. Look at the area on her mouth how it’s completely frozen. There’s shots for that area. She can barely open her mouth normally.

    Anyone in here could do the same faces and not look so frozen. Why? because we didn’t just shoot up the bacteria that produces botulism in our faces.

    • Jessesgirl

      Hit the nail on the head. These pictures only demonstrate that she HAS HAD BOTOX *head-desk*. No un-botoxed face can move so that there is a tiny amount of U shaped wrinkles in the middle of the forehead while everything else is completely frozen. She not only does botox but she does it way too fucking much and often. She has it around her eyes and eyebrows, her jawline, and LESS in the middle of her forehead but still some. She’s a Frozen Fool.

  14. Pepe Lopez

    “You can all suck my ridges.”

  15. pde

    what the fuck is wrong with her forehead?

  16. lol pathetic

    LMAO BS!!!!! What a joke. What’s next, Megan? Claim your lips and breasts are natural??? Or the bump on your nose has disappeared on its own? Her botox is most likely wearing off. She is not as popular as she used to be so she’s resorting to things like this. Pathetic. I hate it when people dare insult my intelligence!

  17. sharyl

    Totaly Looks like a Ball Sack

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