1. Esoteric

    Umm botox schmotox, that’s called plastic surgery. Her face doesn’t even look familiar anymore.

  2. Rebacon

    i’ve seen what she looked like as a child and i don’t believe for one second she hasn’t ever had plastic surgery or made a deal with satan.

  3. Admiral Kirk

    White girl had so much facial surgery she’s starting to look asian.

  4. John

    Her skin is just lighter. We’re used to seeing her really tan and that was only for Transformers. Her eyebrows are a little bit sparser and higher up too, which makes her face look different. Lighter skin + different eyebrows = asian?

  5. Nik

    wow bitch has ruined her good looks with shitty plastic surgery.

  6. Jimbo

    Who cares if she has had plastic surgery

  7. wtfmaggot

    poor girl.. she must be bored. even i dont have time to do shit like this.

  8. yeah, sure

    I noticed “be a convincing actress” wasn’t one of the THINGS YOU CAN’T DO WITH YOUR FACE WHEN YOU HAVE BOTOX. I guess put a check in the THINGS YOU CAN’T DO IN GENERAL column for that one?

  9. moo

    AHHH I’m scared, she scares me…her face. Now I can’t sleep! thanks Megan

  10. Andyca

    Get a JOB!!! Alien face of the day LOL

  11. Andyca

    She’s a weird mix of a “human” + alien + predator…..maybe she is workin on the next movie Alien vs. Predator as the horrible combination of both LOL

    • Jillia

      Wow I miss that Megan Fox!! Thanks for the pics. She looked great, and real, and unique. Now she looks like a friggin cartoon…

      Like someone else said on here, she looks like if she smiled real big her mouth would literally go from ear to ear.

  12. Someone

    Kinda reminds me of how Rose McGowan’s face changed.

  13. ihateemo

    She knows how to make different facial expressions? I never would have guessed, based on how she acts in movies.

  14. molly

    she was so fucking hot in the first transformers movie… WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON

  15. Audrey Jo

    I actually believed she had botox because she is just too inexpressive.

  16. Austin Powers

    That’s not a woman! That’s a man, baby! Yeah!

  17. Becca

    ok i am not hating because plastic surgery or not i would kill a cuddly bunny to look like her in a heartbeat. But these pictures scare me a little. its like ok thanks for proving that your due for another botox shot but no more lip plumping for a while please. i dont want her to ruin it all.

  18. Laura

    Whether or not she has had plastic surgery, Megan Fox is yet another individual who has fallen victim to the media. The media defines beauty through every advertisement, tv show, etc. and we subconciously absorb this definition, and feel pressure to fit this standard. She probably feels it most. She has been deemed this beauty/sex figure, and now probably feels like she has to continually fulfill this standard. Yes, she should be happy with what she looks like, but she is human and will occasionally fall. I know I would fall if the media was constantly scrutinizing me, pointing out every flaw, looking at my defects, as if I don’t already see them myself. She may or may have not gotten surgery, idk i havent really sat around and pointed out each facial feature, but I think that the fact that I’m even spending time writing shows that the media has affected me somehow. And I personally think that people should leave her alone and accept the fact that she’s hotter than most.

  19. sarah

    MAN!!! Megan, what happened to you? You were really pretty!!! Now you look scary, I dont object to plastic surgery but this is too much. She doesnt look the same as she used too :/

  20. anothergirl

    She’s a very beautiful woman with or without work, people like to criticize without walking a mile in the person’s shoes. She’s under a microscope and she’s probably trying to stay trendy, I came across this site by accident and I have to say a lot of people here are super judge-mental of people they will probably never equal to in style, status, beauty or wealth. Many of the men picking at her will never land a girl that gorgeous, or even remotely similar, so please stop being mean and jumping on bandwagons. Seems like we only build up celebrities because the only thing sweeter than them rising is watching them fall, people who feed into it perpetuate the ‘lens’ experience and I’m quite sure you wouldn’t like people judging every aspect of your appearance and lifestyle. It’s okay for us to be human and fallible.

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