1. roxtar1

    I actually like BAG post-90210 (a show I never watched),he hasn’t done much but I like what I’ve seen.I have a love/hate thing with Megan Fox.She’s pretty,but she’s about the worst actress since Madonna.But she’s been in some movies that I liked.So I have mixed feelings about her.Clearly,she has made some pretty dumb moves,starting with getting fired from the only movies she’s been in that actually made money.She wanted to be taken seriously as an actress (like Madonna) then the first thing she did after getting the boot from Michael Bay was go be an underwear model and playing a whore in a sci-fi western nobody saw.Yep,that’ll show ‘em.The 3 movies she’s working on right now look like duds.She seems likable enough as a person,so I’m not hating on her.She needs new management if she ever hopes to have a real career.

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