1. claire

    wow, how much work has she had done?!

  2. claire

    and might i add, FIRST MUTHAFUCKA

    • Janice

      That’s because you can comment on every individual photo you fucking retard. Why don’t you go write first on every single photo if it makes you feel better. But you can’t change the fact that you already look like a dickhead.

  3. Jade

    I have to say it’s really obvious she’s had her lips done. too bad, because I think she looked fab before. I doubt she had her boobs done though, because she always had a chest. Check this vid: she was 17/18 in it:

    • eline

      that’s because she was 15 pounds heavier, plus she was on birth control which makes ones’s boobs bigger. it’s extremely obvious that she’s had her boobs done….i mean….look at them. they don’t look natural at all. i saw recent pictures of her at the beach and her breasts were much too far apart to be real. they looked like lumps on her chest. she was pretty before she had lip injections, a nose job, collagen/botox (idk what she did to her face) and of course her boob job. it’s sad that she has such low self-esteem.

  4. jen

    Actually.. now she looks like Renee Zellwegger with a bad dye job.

  5. me again

    no, she’s not. she just doesn’t have a sexy body.. she’s got no hips…..the plastic surgery enhanced her face.. she’s pretty… but she’s not angelina nor will she ever be.

  6. eww

    Angelina Jolie is naturally prettier, a hell of a lot more talented, smart, and actually cares about stuff like genocide in Africa. Megan Fox isn’t dumb to imitate someone so strong. However, I feel like if Angelina Jolie came second she wouldn’t try to be a copy-cat Megan Fox, and that’s what distinguishes the two from each other. Angelina Jolie didn’t just come first, she’s actually an original person.

  7. Paul Alvarez II

    That vein in the side of her head is HORRIFYING!

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